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Find and Hire Maids, Babysitter, Nanny, Senior Citizen Care, Cooks in A professional NGO with reliability

English speaking Maid, cook, driver, Baby Sitter, Gurgaon, Delhi, NCR
Annu foundation Harish kumar CALL NOW FOR DETAILS:8010106786, 9560966767,  9911266767, 0124-4201347 Contact no. Eight zero one zoero one zoero six seven eight six nine9 five5 six6 zero0 nine9 six6 six6 seven7 six6 seven7 OUR SERVICES:                 Client and household staff matching services                 We assist with any negotiations on terms of employment                 We assist with any transitional needs of both parties                 High profile family services   worldwide                 Live-in and live-out placements                 Detailed reference checking services                 We remain available for strategic mentoring indefinitely We are dedicated to helping you find lasting solutions to your staff  recruitment needs. We only represent candidates with experience, as we know that our clients expect the highest level of service from their household staff. Our candidates have worked in som…