Sep 22, 2014

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Domestic Help In India, or DHI is a premier human resource service company playing a connecting bridge amid the employers and the job seekers. The company is highly devoted towards making it possible for a talent to meet the needy. We provide the candidates with the employers and culture to encourage retention. The portal is not restricted to any particular category and it is open for people from all sectors and disciplines. Providing high quality and satisfaction is our utmost target and it can be easily browsed in the services provided by us.
We have years of experience in domestic and corporate recruiting. We are experienced to help you with appointments at all levels and across all sectors and disciplines. We are experts in the world of work   and offer personalized services with the objective of meeting the requirements of our clients in a most efficient manner. DHI Mission is to serve the needs of corporate organization, individuals/company and business houses by providing them the most competent and resourceful candidates available for the development of their organizations. The company was founded on the principle that detailed attention to clients' needs is often overlooked in our industry. The Domestic Help in India was formed with a focus on exceptional personal service. Understanding that although each job title may be the same, we know each position is unique and our clients have specific needs and requirements of candidates.
The value that Domestic Help in India offers to both its employers and job seekers is in its ability to provide access to critical job and job seeker information through various technology platforms. By leveraging web and mobile technology, Domestic Help in India is able to scale and engage a wider audience creating greater efficiency for employers and having a social impact on job seekers.
Domestic Help in India is a Gurgaon-based consultancy that uses the web and mobile technology to connect employers and  employee formal / informal sector workers i.e. maid, cooks, drivers, office helper, Servant, Gardener, Couple Servant W&H, Receptionist,  machinist, Sales/Marketing, BPO/Call Center, IT Professionals, Finance, Accounts, Engineers, Secretary, Front Office, HR, Admin, Media /Journalism, Skilled Labor, Unskilled Labor, Hospitality – Hotel, Restaurant -Food Service, Telecommunications etc.
Domestic Help in India provides some of India’s finest homes with professional domestic service personnel. We understand the importance of high standards, privacy and ultimate discretion and enjoy an impeccable reputation for matching personnel with employer. We specialize in the placement of all levels of domestic staffing in homes and businesses throughout the India and abroad. Employers can conveniently browse job seeker profiles based on salary, location, languages, skills and references. domestichelpinindia offers several fee-based services to help in the matching and hiring of  jobseekers.

With the demand of right skills increasing in every field, it has somewhere become a tough task for anyone to get the desired job. Also, the down falling economy has also made the conditions worse. But as aforementioned, the requirement is right skills. Yet, there are number of people possessing the required talent but not able to get their desired job. This is mainly due to lack of guidance or wrong guidance. Here come into play a helping hand that may guide you through your process of getting a dream job.
Domestic Help In India is one such guide acting as a connecting bridge in between the employees and employers. Here, at this site, you may search for the correct job for you, or can post a job listing if you need a right candidate for your requirement. Basically, it is a job portal that works for both of the parties, the job seekers as well as the organizations seeking for a candidate.
The portal is one of its kinds that provides job finding opportunities for people of every field. Most of the similar portals that you come across the internet are particular to a category, be it IT, medical, commerce or anything else. Unlike those, Domestic Help in India is a free portal for every category and every field. In fact, here you may find a job listing ranging from as fancy as a manager to as basic as an office boy or maid. Finding such a huge variety is virtually impossible for any other portal, which distinguishes Domestic Help in India from other job portals.
The portal is helpful for both the job seekers as well as the employers looking for an employee. And meeting their requirements is also pretty comfortable. If you want to hire a right candidate for you, all you need is to become a member of the portal by registering with it. Once registered, you may post the vacancy along with the contact details. Candidates meeting your qualification criteria will contact in no time and you will meet with the next star of your organization.
On the other hand, those looking for a job can browse through a number of vacancies posted on the portal and may contact the employer through the contact details mentioned. Providing this much of support is sufficient for you to open the doors to a bright future.
So don’t wait anymore and register yourself with Domestic Help in India right away. “The early bird gets the worm” and “Those who wait get what is left by those who tried”. Catch the earliest opportunity for a shining future.

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