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Driver/Chauffeur for foreigner family available online on

Hi sir /madam I am looking for a driver job in Gurgaon
I have 15 years experience of driving in Gurgaon Delhi I know all the route of Delhi/NCR
I worked before with foreigner family in Gurgaon

Name: Jaibeer singh
contact no.9891090932
Experience 15 years
Expected salary : 12000 to 15000 Rs
Education : 12th Pass from Haryana board
Language - Hindi,English

Think That All Phenomena Are Dreams

This is a tremendously powerful technique. Start contemplating in this way: if you are walking on the street, contemplate that people passing by are all dreams. The shops and the shopkeepers and the customers and the people coming and going, all are dreams. The houses, the buses, the train, the airplane, all are dreams. You will be immediately surprised by something of tremendous import happening within you. The moment you think "All are dreams" suddenly, like a flash, one thing comes into your vision: "I am a dream too." Because if the seen is a dream, then who is this 'I'? If the object is a dream, then the subject is also a dream. If the object is false, how can the  subject be the truth? Impossible. If you watch everything as a dream, suddenly you will find something slipping out of your being: the idea of the ego. This is the only way to drop the ego, and the simplest. Just try it -- meditate this way. Meditating this way again and again, one day the …