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Aug 6, 2011

Nanny Governess Maid For Overseas


Sub. : For Nanny & Governess.

        Basic Primary Education ,
        Carmel Convent High School.
        B.A. in English.

Professional Qualification
        Child Development & Baby Sitter Course from Houston, Texas U.S.A.
        First Aid Course CPR from Houston, Texas U.S.A.

      Ten years as a Governess,  Nanny,& Child Care.
       Worked for Elderly women’s. & companion to them.
       Worked as Governess in Doha Qatar. 
        Worked for Twins, Toddlers up to Fifteen years of Child

Name                                      :           Nusrat Jahan Babi
Father’s Name                      :           Mohammed Hussain Khanji Babi
Date of Birth                          :           15th October, 1968
Gender                                   :           Female.
Marital status                         :           Single
Religion                                  :           Islam.
Nationality                              :           Indian.
Language Known                  :           Fluency in English, Hindi,& Gujarati.
Permanent Address             :           110, Junagadh House,
                                                            Khureji Khas,
                                                            Delhi- 110051.
contact no :                                         9560966767


Can join soon.                                                                               (NUSRAT JAHAN BABI)

Covering Letter for the Post of Governess & Nanny.

    Respected,              Sixteen Brides

                   Sir/ Madam,

    It will be my pleasure to work for your family, I  assure  you that  I  will  treat  your  child  as  mine , and  will  perform  my  duties sincerely. I  am  very  adjusting,  flexible,  caring , and  honest  person .Friendly  with  soft kind nature.

 I  know how to give them  motherly  love, and  enjoy  spending  time with   them  .I  know  the value  of child.


 I have ten years  of  experience,  with  Infants , Twins,  Toddlers   up to Eight years  of  children.

 Always aware of child health and safety, can handle Emergencies and when to call doctor I am CPR from Houston USA.

Toddlers Training as –potty Training and hand washing, and many more.

Develop a schedule &   Routine.

 Prepare Healthy Snacks and Nutritional Meals.  Fosmon Transparent Clear Screen Protector for iPhone 4 4G HD with Lint Cleaning Cloth - 3 Pack

 Knowledge of Early Childhood Development [6mos to 6 years.]

Prepare for Nap time / Bed time. I very well understand my Responsibilities.

 I read their I.Q.  Teach, and prepare accordingly for their further Studies.

 Beside, I develop good  manners  and  etiquette ,so  that  they  learn  how to eat  and  Play in  proper  manners ,and   help the child to build  a  good character.

 I perform fun activities, indoors and outdoors to support his physical, social learning development. Organize play dates.

I have ability   to follow insertion. I respect all family members.
 I am very clean and well mannered person.
 I  have  excellent  health  condition  no  medical  or disease  as  history

 I am   proud mother of three educated children.
 I belong from respected & educated   family background

I love music, reading and traveling.

I am fluent t in   English.  I also know Hindi, Urdu and Gujarati Languages.
I have worked as a Nanny in Doha Qatar at Foreign Ministers House.
I have visited Gulf many times.

I can provide References in Jeddah.

Thanks for reading my covering letter,            

With Best Regards,                 

 Nusrat Jahan Babi.      5-Pack Premium Reusable LCD Screen Protector with Lint Cleaning Cloth for Apple iPhone 3G 8GB 16GB [Accessory Export Packaging]

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  1. If you pass this resume on any of the maid agency, you will hire fast.